of the 4th International Conference
of the Polish Society for the Integration of Psychotherapy

Warsaw, June 3-5, 2022
The Maria Grzegorzewska University, building C

FRIDAY June 3, 2022

12:00 am

2:30 pm

2:45 – 4:30 pm

  • Bernhard M. Strauss How does the reaserch on psychotherapy contribute to its integration?
  • Ewa Trzebińska How to build emotional health, or on the necessity of psychotherapy integration.

4:30 – 5:00 pm

5:00 – 6:00 pm

  • Michał Jasiński Coherence therapy: memory reconsolidation process in integrative practice.
    Assembly hall A, ground floor
  • Bernhard M. Strauss Group psychotherapy as an area of psychotherapy integration.
    Assembly hall C, I floor

6:00 – 6:15 pm

6:15 – 7:30 pm

  • Martha Stark: A Heart Shattered, The Private Self, and A Life Unlived: An Existential-Humanistic Approach to Relentless Despair.

7:30 pm

SATURDAY June 4, 2022

9:30 – 10:30 am

  • Ewa Dobiała Transcultural positive psychotherapy in the therapy of adults with Asperger syndrome.
    Assembly hall A, ground floor
  • Renata Mizerska Bouts of fear or bouts of loneliness? Between neurobiology and relational Gestalt psychotherapy.
    Assembly hall B, ground floor
  • 3. Anna Uściłowska How to integrate the body in the process of psychotherapy.
    Assembly hall C, I floor

10.30 – 10.45 am

10:45 – 11:45 am

  • Krzysztof Ciepliński From the Tower of Babel to synergy – is it possible and is it worthwhile to make use of different therapeutic languages in one process?
    Assembly hall A, ground floor
  • Psychopathology of the situation: a model to work with therapeutic alliance supporting vitality in the field.
    Assembly hall C, I floor
  • Beata Załoga Psychotherapy integration in Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP) – capacity to tolerate affect as a healing factor.
    Assembly hall B, ground floor

11:45 – 12:15 am

12:15 – 2:00 pm

  • Acceptance and commitment therapy and its unacknowledged influences: Some old wine into a new bottle?
  • Memory reconsolidation as a transtheoretical mechanism of transformative change: implications for integrative clinical practice.

2:00 – 3:30 pm

3:30 – 4:30 pm

  • Innovative moments and change in psychotherapy: A common factor model.
    Assembly hall C, I floor
  • Leszek Jaworski Integration of Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy in group psychotherapy.
    Assembly hall A, ground floor
  • Modality integration as a condition of effectiveness in couple therapy.
    Assembly hall B, ground floor

4:30 – 5:00 pm

5:00 – 7:00 pm

  • The Client and I – Relational and psychophysiological perspectives on Borderline trauma and the disorders of self.
  • Transforming the Impacts of Intergenerational Trauma with Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy (EFIT).

9:00 pm

SUNDAY June 5, 2022

9:30 – 12:00 am

  • The Aesthetic Relational Knowledge of the psychotherapist: an integration of Gestalt therapy with neurosciences, phenomenology and field perspective.
  • Mastering the Autonomic Process: Rapidly Restructuring Ego Adaptive Capacity in Fragile Patients.

12:00 – 12:15 am

12:15 – 13:30 pm

13:30 pm

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